Our 5 Pillars Of Being


Smile and make our customers fell comfortable and welcome in every AllDay Pharmacy outlets. A smile costs nothing and yet, it establishes rapport and initiates trust, the cornerstone of every customer relationship.


To stay ahead of the latest updates in healthcare is important. And equally as important is to translate this knowledge into meaningful and useful information for our customers. Be engaging and empower our customers with the right health information so they can make the right decisions for their health.


To be thoughtful is to respect and respond to the needs of our customers, and to do our best to help them feel comfortable when they are with us. And most importantly, being thoughtful is about considering our customers’ health needs in the longer term, and to do our best to inspire our customers to move closer to a lifetime of good health.


To be sincere is to be aligned in our thoughts, words and actions. It is to show care, sincerity and respect for people – our crew and our customers. Sincerity is the foundation on which these 5 Pillars are built, and sincerity is the essence of delivering a memorable experience.


Healthcare will continue to evolve. Wellness will soon become a central focus of people everywhere. To be at the forefront of healthcare means that we need to be knowledgeable and evolve just as quickly, or even faster, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality of care, worthy of the trust they have placed on us.