Weight Loss & Cell Health

“Lose weight healthily and maintain a good eating habit.”

June 13, 2019

Dear Ms. Malar,

We will guide you to lose weight

[1] effectively

[2] sustainably and

[3] to becoming healthier.

The following summary will help you to start the program without any difficulty.

Start With The Current You

It is important to know your current situation and understand how the coming target is set.

Height (m):

Weight (kg):

BMI (kg/m2):

Calorie Per Day (kcal):





The New You

This will be the targeted weight you want to achieve.

Height (m):

Targeted Weight (kg):

New BMI (kg/m2):




Note: 60kg is still a good weight because it is still giving a healthy BMI.

How To Achieve



Target: From 65kg to 60kg will be a loss of 5kg. According to scientific researches and health references, we have concluded that the most sustainable weight loss will be 0.3kg/week, equivalent to 1.2kg/month.

Time Frame: Time is essence. 5kg/1.2kg = 4 months. It means if you adhere to the regime and product we recommend later, with full cooperation and discipline from your side, you will be able to lose 5kg in 4 months time.

Calorie Count: With 65kg, your body needs 1,950kcal per day of energy to sustain.

>1,950kcal/day = gain weight

<1,950kcal/day = lose weight

Calorie Reduction: A sustainable calorie reduction will be 330kcal per day.

1,950kcal – 330kcal = 1,620kcal

In another words, if you maintain your calorie at 1,620kcal per day for 4 months, you will be able to achieve a 5kg drop.




“I never expect losing weight can be so enjoyable!” – Angeline Siew



Carbs 40% Fats 40% Protein 20%

Know The Percentage: Remember 40/40/20. Most Malaysian diets are 60% carbs. It is important for you to cut down the carbs and introduce fats into your diet as the start.

Remember, your new calorie per day will be 1,620kcal.


For carbs, 40% of 1,620kcal = 648kcal

For fats, 40% of 1,620kcal = 648kcal

For proteins, 20% of 1,620kcal = 324kcal

Diet: Cutting down carbs and embracing healthy fats into your daily diet.

Start by knowing what you’ve been eating, rethink again and then plan what to eat starting your next meal.



Carbs source: rice

A bowl of rice gives you about 80g of carbs, meaning 320kcal of energy. According to your diet plan, your carbs cannot be more than 648kcal, thus 2 bowls of rice are considered your maximum quota per day.

Fats source: healthy oil

You need 4 types of healthy oil: Omega-3, 6, 9 and Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT).


  1. Omega-3: fish oil or sunflower oil
  2. Omega-6: flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil
  3. Omega-9: sunflower oil
  4. MCT: extra virgin coconut oil

Meet our dieticians & nutritionists

There are many more important information that you will need to meet our professionally trained dieticians and nutritionists. They will be able to advice you in a more detail manner.

The Long Term Plan

Long Term Health & Prevention

Eat healthily for a long term basis. Not only it protects you against diseases, it also protect your DNA.

Sustainable Energy

Low carbs high fats diet provides you a better source of energy for body. According to Krebs cycle, the energy produced via fats is the cleanest energy.

Manageable Weight

Insulin has been known to cause belly to enlarge. By adhering to low carbs diet, this can be reversed because your insulin production will be lowered.

Improved Skin Health

Increased healthy fats intake makes your skin healthier because not only it reduces inflammation, it moisturizes your skin surface as well.

Your Solution

The Best Oil Combo

Sustinex Omega 3-6-9 Vegetable Oil Blend is a balanced mix of high oleic acid sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and Vitamin E. It is perfectly blended based on today’s science and evidences to meet your everyday fat intake. It is complete blend of Omega 9 (70%), Omega 6 & 3 (13.3%) and MCT (10%), providing a perfect blend of your daily fat intake is perfectly suitable for those who want all the goodness of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 in a balanced ratio. Its light texture and neutral taste makes it ideal to be added to your salads, rice, noodles, dips and other cold food preparation.

It’s Benefits

Improved Satiety

Fat in nature reduces the gastric emptying rate thus improving satiety. You feel full easily and do not crave for food easily.

Sustainable Energy

MCT are quickly transported from the stomach to the liver thus quickly raise energy level. MCT influence the mitochondria in your cells for positive effect on energy level.

Improve Skin Health

Fats increase skin hydration as well as reduce inflammation on the skin.

Reduce Inflammation

Ω6 and Ω9 involve in the eicosanoid-independent mechanism to reduce inflammation.

It Is Our Responsibility To Guide Our Customers To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

We hope to continuously improve your health and ultimately you are healthier than before.

Sincerely yours,

All Day Pharmacy

JUN 13, 2019