Dear Ms. Suzie,

With regards to your question about patella issue, I’ll try to assist you with all I can.

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Understanding The Root Cause(s)

These are a few commonly seen factors that may contribute to the misalignment of patella.

[A] Activities that stress the knee again and again, especially those with twisting motions.

[B] A traumatic injury to the knee, such as a blow that pushes the kneecap toward the outer side of the leg.

Prevent It From Worsening

Protection and prevention is essential to prevent the patella from chronic inflammation.

[A] Avoid activity that overloads and overuses the knee.

[B] Keep the muscles around your knees and hips strong and flexible.

[C] Stretch your legs and hips well, both before and after activity.

[D] Stay at a healthy weight to reduce stress on your knees.

4 Steps To Do Now

I’ll further elaborate in the next article.

[1] Stop The Inflammation

The most important steps to protect your knee is to “cool down” the inflammation. By reducing the inflammation, the pain will be relieved effectively.

[3] Knee, Bone Protection & Muscle Training

Both internal and external supports are important to keep your knee and bone healthy.

[2] Weight Optimization

Weight control is the long term plan and optimal weight will be able to save your knee from further stress and damage.

[4] Stretch & Light Exercise

Stretch your muscle before exercise. Try not to overuse your knee to prevent further damage.

Solutions For You

Here’s the solutions based on the 4 things listed above.

[1] Stop The Inflammation

Turmeric and boswellia extract is extremely good for pain associated with inflammation. One tablet once a day will be good to reduce the pain and inflammation.

[2] Weight Optimization

The best way to optimize your weight will be practicing Low Carbs High Fats diet. Cutting down carbohydrates will benefit your body in a long run.

3 types of carbs you must learn to cut down will be B, U, T – try limiting them to not more than one fist in each meal.

[1] B = Beras (rice)

[2] U = Ubi (tapioca, potatoes)

[3] T = Tepung (flour, bread, cakes)

After you cut down the carbs (BUT), feed your body with a combination of healthy oil (Omega 3, 6, 9 and Medium Chain Triglycerides). By doing so, your body will be healthy in a long run, not only the weight is maintained wonderfully, your body’s inflammation will be reduced significantly because of the oil.

[3] Knee, Bone Protection & Muscle Training

[a] Patella Support (External)

There are many brands out there. My personal preference will be AQ brand. Patella support is particularly important to support the patella from “dislocating”. It is quite different knee supports where most knee supports do not have the patella support feature in them.

[b] Knee Support (Internal)

Your joints are consist of complex raw materials. It has both hard and soft tissues (bone, cartilages, tendons and blood vessels). Thus, taking collagen, glucosamine, calcium and vitamin C will greatly benefit the health of your joints.

Recommended dosage:

[1] Collagen – 4 to 10g a day

[2] Calcium – 600mg a day

[3] Glucosamine – 1500mg a day

[4] Vitamin C – 500mg a day

[c] Muscle & Health

Muscle mass is important for your knee support. Without a strong muscle, patella dislocation or knee damage can be found to happen easily. I usually recommend my customers, include my wife Angeline to take this for long term basis.

A complete range of nutrients is important to nourish the body. With exercise and the help of this product, your muscle mass will be built up easily without the worry of excessive proteins or sugars.

[4] Stretch & Light Exercise

It is extremely important to perform stretching prior to any form of exercises. For current situation, I would recommend you to do light exercises and prevent overuse of your knee to prevent further damage.

I hope the information given is helpful to you. Solving knee pain is just a beginning. I always look at an individual beyond the current problem, which is prevention and health. And I’m looking forward to help everyone to become healthier and live longer.

Sincerely yours,

Su Keat (CEO, AllDay Pharmacy)

10th June


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