Pharmacists at AllDay have a story of their own, from where they gained motivation and dedication on their daily tasks at hand, while achieve day to day objectives. Get to know of our Pharmacists from their story.

Px Brandon Choy Mun Kit 

About BrandonChoy Mun Kit PharmacistPxBrandon Choy Mun KitBPharm (Hons)His Story"Good day, my name is Brandon Choy, and I am your family pharmacist. I graduated from International […]

Px Intan Zarina 

AboutIntan Zarina PharmacistPxIntan ZarinaBPharm (Hons)Her StoryWhen she was younger, Intan Zarina used to accompany her late grandmother to the hospital. Although she knew little about the […]

Px Kamariah Bt Salleh 

About Kamariah Bt SallehPharmacistPxKamariah Bt SallehBPharm (Hons)Her StoryWhen Kamariah Binti Salleh graduated with a pharmacy degree from University Sains Malaysia, she was still feeling unsure of […]

Px Lim Chun Yian 

About Lim Chun Yian PharmacistOOPxLim Chun YianBPharm (Hons)His Story It was another day at the hospital and Chun Yian was feeling restless. With so many more […]

Px Nurul Shazalina 

AboutNurul ShazalinaPharmacistPxNurul ShazalinaBPharm (Hons)Her StoryNurul-Shazalina (Shaza) never gave much thought to what she would do when she grew up. And so, when the time came for […]