About Brandon

Choy Mun Kit

Brandon Choy Mun Kit

BPharm (Hons)

His Story

“Good day, my name is Brandon Choy, and I am your family pharmacist. I graduated from International Medical University in 2016 with an honours degree in Pharmacy, and it is my privilege to be serving you and your community.” – Brandon

When Brandon was much younger, he used to frequent his dad’s pharmacy and his uncle’s clinic. Visiting these places certainly had him fired up about health, but the reason he truly wanted to become a pharmacist was to overcome the difficulty he was having with his own health.Brandon suffers from eczema and having had to live with it for 24 years, his life has always been about medicine; from creams to tablets, from Western to Eastern medicine, he had tried them all. The pain he feels living with a chronic condition made him want to help make life better for others living with the same.And so, upon his graduation, Brandon chose to serve as a pharmacist in the community because he wanted to be closer to his customers where he could readily help them.

“I decided to join the All Day Family because of their focus on healthy living and preventive care.” – Brandon

However, being educated in pharmacy, Brandon was doubtful about using nutrition and supplements in the management and prevention of chronic diseases. But as he was desperate to rid the eczema, he made the decision to keep an open mind.He started making changes to his diet and started using supplements. Eventually, his skin got better and his symptoms were much reduced. The improvement in his own health convinced him that good nutrition and using the right supplements are important for anyone who wants to live a healthier live, even if they have a chronic disease.

“My personal experience with nutrition and supplements has given me the confidence to use the same approach with my customers.” – Brandon