Lim Chun Yian

Lim Chun Yian

BPharm (Hons)

His Story

It was another day at the hospital and Chun Yian was feeling restless. With so many more patients to consult, he realized that he had to make each moment count. Despite his best efforts, he realized that he could only do so much for his patients.He often thought of times when he will be able to spend quality time with his patients, so that he could provide them with the care they deserve. And so, after 2 years as a hospital pharmacist, Chun Yian decided to move into community pharmacy, joining the All Day family in year 2017. “As a pharmacist in the community, not only am I able to spend more quality time with my customers, I am also able to work more closely with the community to promote health awareness, and to manage and prevent chronic diseases.”