Nurul Shazalina

Nurul Shazalina

BPharm (Hons)

Her Story

Nurul-Shazalina (Shaza) never gave much thought to what she would do when she grew up. And so, when the time came for her to choose her career path, she followed her father’s advice and chose to study pharmacy. She enrolled in University Teknologi MARA and graduated with an Honours degree in 2009. It wasn’t until after her graduation that Shaza began to understand what being a pharmacist truly meant. Her time as a pharmacist in the hospital has taught her the value of good health and the importance of preventive care to protect a healthy lifespan. Eventually, after a few years in the hospital, Shaza decided to serve the people in the community. “I find that being in the community allows me to provide personalized health solutions for my customers. I strongly believe that most diseases can be managed and prevented with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, alongside medicine. In caring for her customers, Shaza uses a collaborative approach, empowering her customers with the right information so that they will make the right decisions for a better and healthier life. “I think that one of the most important aspects of being a pharmacist is in the way we communicate with our customers. Today, in a world where information is so readily available, it is our duty to educate and give our customers the right health information, so that they can make the right decisions for their health.”