“There is always a cure for eczema.” – Lim CY

Mr. Lim has always been passionate about his profession as a community pharmacist. He has succesfully helped countless customers solve their skin-related problems.

“Stop eczema with 3 simple ways. It is as easy at it seems!” – Lim CY

“My eczema was miraculously cured in less than a month!” – Mr. Heng

Mr. Heng suffered from severe eczema since young – mostly around his arms. For the past few decades, Mr. Heng have had many sleepless nights due to severe itch that kept him awake most nights. Things got worse whenever he was exposed to any allergens such as seafood. He has visited many doctors, specialists and dermatologists throughout this journey, and has yet to find a cure.

Mr. Heng has tried many different products: from pharmaceuticals to cosmoceutical products, yet his condition did not show much improvements. Dermatologists advised him to use corticosteroid creams and he finds a temporary relief in that. He has been using corticosteroid creams for many years now and has begin to see his skin thinned down recently, not being aware that it was one of the potential side-effects from long-term use of corticosteroids.

Mr. Heng was introduced to All Day Pharmacy by a friend of his and that is where he met Mr. Lim CY – the pharmacist in-charge of the outlet. Mr. Lim CY had a long counselling session with Mr Heng, to understand thoroughly his journey and battle with eczema. From there, Mr. Lim CY began to investigate the possible root causes that might be contributing to the severity of his eczema..

“Stop using steroid! It is not going to help you in a long run!” – Mr. Lim CY

Mr. Lim CY started treating Mr Heng’s eczema using a symptomatic approach first. At the same time, he came out with a complete solution for Mr. Heng.

Below was his advice:

[1] Cut down carbohydrates intake. Practice low carbohydrates, high healthy fats meals,

[2] Ensure your body has complete nutrition,

[3] Start taking combinations of antioxidants.


“My eczema got worse from time to time. It was so itchy that I couldn’t sleep well. I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable!” – Mr. Heng


“Your treatment is so much better than the dermatologist! Thanks for helping me!” – Mr. Heng (a month later)